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Proposition 13 based value assessment appeals


Enacted in 1978, Proposition 13 has provided certainty to California taxpayers by limiting annual increases in assessed values to 2%, and establishing a 1% tax rate plus voted indebtedness as well as providing for certain exclusions from reassessment due to various changes of ownership.

All real property parcels have a Proposition 13 base value that cannot increase more than 2 % per year. Once there is a sale of the property, transfer of title or ownership in a legal entity or new construction, the Assessor may reassess the property at fair market value and establish a new Prop. 13 value.

If your Proposition 13 value, usually identified on the Supplemental Tax Notice is higher than market value, you can appeal that value and if successful, permanently reduce the base value. Challenges to the Prop. 13 value must be made before the Assessment Appeals Board in a timely manner. This is a critical appeal since you will live with this base value and the annual trending until such time as there is another change of ownership.

Obtaining a fair Proposition 13 value is important. You only have one attempt at the Assessment Appeals Board and their decision is generally final. Professional representation at the Board is critical. ACS understands the importance of Prop. 13 appeals and has the experience and skills to obtain the lowest possible value for your property.


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