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All personal property and fixtures used in a business or trade in California are subject to property taxation unless there is a specific exemption that applies. Most businesses do not have the staffing and expertise in fixed asset valuation and reporting.

ACS has been aggressively representing taxpayers with significant business property fixed assets since 1987. Our consultants/appraisers, most of whom have formerly worked for the Assessors Office, are very familiar with the rules, regulations and procedures for compliance reporting and audit & appeal representation. Not only do we file the annual Form 571-L for our clients but we make sure that the Assessor properly enrolls a reasonable market value for those assets. By properly reporting your fixed assets, and effectively communicating with the Assessor, you can proactively have your fixed assets assessed in a fair and reasonable manner without having to file an appeal.

In addition, ACS represents its clients in mandatory audits. This is oftentimes an opportunity to identify reporting and valuation issues that the client has not recognized and communicated to the Assessor. ACS is uniquely qualified through our team’s years of experience in personal property tax matters, to save you money on your assessments.

You need a representative that is respected as being knowledgeable and a straight shooter. We at ACS are that firm. Please review our firm biosketch and see our team’s experience.

If an assessment appeal is warranted, we have the experience and advocacy skills to represent you at the Board in a contested matter.

Personal property taxes can be mitigated! Give us a call at 1-800-Prop-Tax or email us at info@acstax.com