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ACS has an aircraft division that has successfully reduced taxes on general aviation and charter aircraft for many years. David Fischer, formerly with the L.A. County Assessor’s Office Aircraft Division, was our lead appraiser for decades. Mr. Fischer appraised thousands of aircraft in his many years of service for the Assessor and with ACS. His experience is now used to direct our new aircraft assessment team to provide the best service possible.

When assessing aircraft, the Assessor uses Bluebook to determine value. For ACS, that is just the beginning. We represent our clients before the assessment appeals boards statewide to ensure that all aspects of the aircraft are properly and accurately reflected in the final assessment.


Our firm has represented thousands of taxpayers ranging in size from multi-billion dollar corporations to private individuals. As a result of our expertise and broad range of experience, we have obtained millions of dollars in refunds and tax savings for our clients. Assessment Counselling Services represents a diverse cross section of the business community throughout the state of California.